Why creating good habits is so powerful

After perpetually falling short of reaching your goals time and time again, it is easy to believe that the world is out to get you. Maybe success is only for a lucky few? Perhaps you are just doomed to struggle. Despite how strongly you may relate to those beliefs, they are far from the truth.

In fact, the solution to all of your issues, be it financially, physically, and even psychologically lies within your daily routine.

This I learned the hard way, when I was a 20 year old slacker and had to serve 12 months in the army. Sweden had at that time compulsory military service, and there was really no way of escaping it. This intense period changed me a lot, and  actually resuted in an additional 6 years in the army reserve.

During this time I picked up a number of really good habits that have served me well my entire life, and gradually began to change my mindset and the way I thought about getting the things I wanted in life.

Being lazy is convenient, and so is feeding yourself the lie of not knowing any better. Granted, you may not exactly know what habits you should adopt to get your life on track, but you know by now that your current way of living is keeping you stagnant and possibly unhappy.

Your daily routine robs you from loving what you see in the mirror. It is stopping you from starting your journey as an advantageous entrepreneur.

Even if general self-improvement is your overall goal, you will never make it to the other side without changing your habits. As intimidating as all of this may sound, you can actually begin making the changes to enhance your life immediately. Here are a few of the most simple yet powerful habits to help you conquer the life of your desires.


Make Your Bed

This one may sound a bit juvenile, but the psychological effect that it delivers is unmatched. Adopting this practical habit will not only discourage you from climbing back into bed, but it will also provide a sense of accomplishment as it marks the very first achievement of your day.

Develop a Good Morning Routine

How you begin your day will likely be how you end it. So, if you don’t want to be tainted with drama and stress all day, use your first few moments to filter your thoughts. Whether you choose to meditate, journal, practice yoga, or sit in silence, allowing peace to dwell within you during this time will set a positive, productive tone for your day.

Exercise Regularly

Owning a gym membership or a few dumbells isn’t enough to claim an active lifestyle. Do away with the excuses about not having access to a fitness center, not being able to afford a personal trainer, or not having the time to devote towards your physical health. All you really need is a few minutes and a dedicated mindset to begin. Whether you prefer running, lifting weights, dancing, or another particular exercise style, there is an abundance of online resources to help you participate from the comfort of your own home.

Read Everyday

Not everybody gets excited upon the release of a new popular novel, but I guarantee you that reading is one of the best habits to employ. Reading will not only go a great length towards expanding your mind, but it is also great for improving your conversational skills, becoming more in touch with reality, and keeping your brain both fresh and functional.

Clean Up Your Diet

For a lot of us, food is both our happy place and our biggest subscription to destruction. Being a slave to a poor diet will always keep you separated from your best version. Eating more healthy is a journey, so you don’t have to trade all of your sugary snacks in for fruits and veggies immediately. Instead, you can start slow by practicing portion control, incorporating one vegetable side at dinnertime, and swapping your afternoon bag of chips for a banana and a handful of nuts. As you begin to make a habit out of meeting your nutritional goals, your mind will become clearer, you will continue to shed unwanted pounds, and your confidence will shoot through the roof.

Aim for One Daily Accomplishment

You may not have all the time in the world to commit towards transforming your reality, but if you cut down on those meaningless phone conversations, refrain from scrolling aimlessly through social media, and stop looking for a way out, you probably would have at least 30 minutes to dedicate towards making a personal accomplishment.

Setting aside some time to do something that makes you feel good about yourself is a literal way to consistently invest in yourself. You can spend this time taking vocal lessons, cultivating a new hobby, applying for a new position, learning a new technical skill, or even organizing your garage.

On a final note

It doesn’t matter if you are attempting to clean up your act for the millionth time or are just a step away from experiencing tangible results, trading your unhealthy habits in for those that are more conducive to success will shape your future for the better. Don’t pressure yourself into completely recreating yourself overnight, but also, bear in mind that time waits for no one.

If you want to see a different tomorrow, you must make an honest effort towards creating better life habits. And I have a sneaky feeling you know exactly where to begin…



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