Gearing up to face the pandemic

Fear and uncertainty is gripping the world, and I think it’s safe to say we’re all going through some pretty hard times right now. I’m certainly no expert in pandemics, and I’m as much in the dark as the rest of you when it comes to predicting the aftermath of it all. However, there are certain things that may cast a different light on the whole situation, and I think it’s important we have that discussion, right here right now. It may actually change your entire perspective.

There is no doubt the coronavirus has affected the global economy. As supply chains are interrupted, businesses are experiencing difficulties filling orders, and the demand for many services and products is not being met. Many people are suffering because they are unable to work, making it nearly impossible to pay for necessities including mortgages, rent, food and clothing.

On top of that, with the future currently looking rather shaky, the financial markets have become more volatile . The crass reality of it is that the coronavirus is directly impacting jobs due to economic losses in business investments and international trade. At least to some extent, as we don’t yet know to what degree.

The majority of travel has come to a screeching halt, displacing pilots, flight attendants, ground crews, maintenance engineers, baggage handlers and more. Some of these trends will continue to have an impact long after the coronavirus has been contained.

And even without a f***ing pandemic on our hands, we were likely to face some unwanted changes in the global job market anyway. Numerous industries are almost certain to be affected by trends like artificial intelligence and automation, with massive job displacement as a very likely result. Just to be really clear, I’m not talking about jobs lost, just a shift in where the future jobs will be found. For more details about that, there is a more in depth article about it right here:


What you might have missed


Now, here is where I suggest we take things in another direction. Enough with the damn “doom and gloom”. What if there was a way to put your fear to rest, and to give you more peace of mind about the future and a sense of security around these types of events? Would that be an interesting conversation to have?

As you all have noticed by now, self quarantine has been mandated by many governments to help prevent this crap from spreading, and a certain “trend” is emerging.

Certain individuals are luckier than others because they have the ability to work from home. As colleges and universities close physical campuses and buildings, classes are being taught via the internet. More parents are also homeschooling their children.

A fashion show was recently streamed by the House of Armani for the presentation of the 2020 fall lineup thanks to digital technology. People all over the world were able to watch the models without risking potential exposure to COVID-19. In Italy, soccer matches are being played without any spectators and are instead live-streamed. Citizens are able to remain quarantined and still watch the games. The ability to cheer for a favorite team is offering a sense of normalcy in a world that has become anything but normal.

Another thing that is very interesting is that the impact on the digital economy is not nearly as severe, or in some instances even nonexistent. Individuals all over the world are now ordering everything possible online, and online businesses are receiving a landslide of orders from new customers. Affiliate marketers, computer programmers and e-commerce businesses are actually achieving growth during a time of global financial instability.

A lot is possible due to cutting-edge technology, networks, apps, artificial intelligence and machine learning. Digital platforms and content are thriving due to all of the consumers trapped at home. The popularity of gaming apps is off the charts due to the amount of video content being downloaded for entertainment. Museum exhibitions have become available online since people are no longer able to spend the day browsing the exhibits.

Education is continuing because the coursework and tests are available online for both children and college students.

Large numbers of wellness and health apps are being downloaded to enable people to check vital signs, and social networks have become a part of everyday life all over the world. Due to modern technology, people can talk to each other face to face through computer programs, apps, social networks and smart speakers equipped with screens. Video phone calls enable people to see friends and family members.

The importance of hope during this time

Plant bursting through mosaic

Viewing the current situation through this lens will hopefully eleviate some of the fear, and light up a sense of hope within you.

The digital world is providing people with a comfort level not possible in the past. It is, in fact, also providing humanity with unprecedented possibilities to prosper, even in times like these.

It is also critical to remember there have been wars, financial crashes and diseases in the past tearing the world apart, and we have always found a way to pull through. Life continued due to the dedication, intelligence, kindness and compassion of the entire human race. Necessity is the mother of invention, and we always find new ways where the old ones have been blocked. It’s just the way it has always been.

If you establish yourself as an online entrepreneur, it will automatically put you on the right side of things. And by that I just mean that you’ll be a part of the digital economy. Most affiliate marketers for example  have multiple income streams, making them a lot less vulnerable. Their ability to quickly change markets, as trends shift,  also adds to their ability to create income regardless of external changes and worldwide happenings.

Yes, it is difficult to remain in quarantine for an extended period of time, and there surely will be consqeunces to face.  Despite this,  I’d say there is plenty of hope. Partly from knowing that kindness and willingness to help others will ultimatley prevail, but also from knowing that the online world holds more career possibilites than you can imagine. And making the switch is easier than you might expect. If you want to know more about becoming an digital marketer and online entrepreneur, I’d be more than happy to share these free video series.

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As people from across the globe anxiously wait for this thing to blow over, I believe the world will not only survive,  but be even better than before.


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