Don’t go it alone – mentors are the key

At first glance, finding information on how to make money online, or start a business, seems like a breeze. Information is everywhere, and all you have to do is dig in and grab all you can from the buffet, and soon you’re on your merry way to a life of delight. 

But all you really get is bits of information, that without a context won’t be very helpful, and pretty soon you’ll realise that putting all the pieces of the puzzle together can be overwhelming. At this point it’s easy to put your dreams to the side and leave all those great ideas behind. Have no fear, good news is on the way.

To say that the internet is awash with information is of course an understatement. Tutorials and instructional videos are everywhere, and anything you want to know is only but a push of a button away. How to build a website, learning affiliate marketing etc. But to go from there, and to actually produce results, can be a daunting task to say the least.

I’m not saying it isn’t possible. Clearly, some people manage to do it, but I don’t think I’m exaggerating if I say the vast majority of the hopeful ones drop their aspirations and dreams after “giving it a go” on their own.

Going it alone is not the way to do it. It will only leave you with more questions than you had before you started, and consequently you’ll spend even more time on youtube and various online forums, desperately trying to find the answers you seek. And even if you eventually get all the pieces of information you need, putting them together to form a coherent plan, that will actually work, is difficult.

Now, instead of becoming another statistic in the big pile of “I-told-you-so-this-shit-doesn’t-work” crowd, take a deep breath and re-evaluate your situation. I guarantee you, the future is a lot brighter than you might think.

Rather than going it alone, and doing it all on your own, what if you could leverage the knowledge of those who went before you? And doing it in a way so that it makes sense to you?

Think bubble

Online groups then?

You’re probably thinking social media groups, and special online forums. And although those platforms can be great for sharing information, not everyone in these groups is serious, and advice can sometimes be contradictory. Chances are you’re still left with the struggle of deciding how exactlyto take action on all the smart advice you’ve received, and which advice you should ignore.

Listening to others simply for the sake of information probably won’t take you all the way. I mean, there are those who constantly attend seminars and workshops (in other words, leveraging other people’s knowledge) but never seem to crack the code on how to actually begin to apply all that information in real life.  I assume you don’t want to be that person who will gather a wealth of knowledge, but never finding a starting point to put it all into work.

What about training and education?

Clearly, a training program of some sort would be helpful, where information is handed to you in an orderly fashion, and where you could truly hone your skills as a budding entreprenur. And although there are several such programs available, there is still the question of leveraging the knowledge of others. Engaging in conversations with likeminded, and asking questions from those who have gone before you, is absolutely key.

What I’m suggesting is mentorship. What do I mean by that? Well, many entrepreneurs can attest to the importance of having mentors, and how surrounding themselves with people of great inspiration and advice catapulted them into success. Without the guidance of others they would have simply been lost, grappling with issues and difficulties on their own, with a much slimmer possibility of coming out on top.

Your journey is no different. Surrounding yourself with people who will keep you focused, and who will help you stay on track when you doubt your own capabilities and support you when the going gets tough (believe me, it will at some point), is super important.

A puzzle with a piece missing






What if I told you there is a program that fits this very description? Education and training paired with mentoring and an entire community devoted to being successful online. Would that grab your attention? The reason I’m asking is merely because I spent copious amounts of time myself, looking for the answers to the questions I had about these things. And what I found was, in my opinion, the best training available, which is called Six Figure Mentors. Check out the information and free training in the link below to see what I’m talking about.


Granted, I have not tried all the other training programs out there, but I’m sure I don’t have to. I know full well the value of mentorship, and just how incredibly powerful it is.

And the beauty of it all? Even though you’re probably not clear at this point about what exactly an online business would entail for you, or which business model you would pursue, this program will make sure you’re good to go. You may even be asking yourself if you have the entrepreneurial spirit in you? Don’t worry too much. Growing and developing mentor relationships and being surrounded by likeminded people will take care of all that.

So just promise yourself one thing; don’t go it alone. Creating that life you dream of is important, and you shouldn’t let it go to waste.

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