You absolutely have what it takes

If you’re anything like me, I know exactly what you’re thinking. What a ridiculous and cheezy headline! I know, but please be patient and just follow along for a while, there is logic to the madness.

Can anyone become anything? Of course not. If that was the case we would have billions of successful astronauts, presidents, actors, super heroes etc on this planet as we speak. Just not the case, is it?

However, I would argue that there is a distinct difference between what you want, and what you’re truly passionate about. A huge difference even.

I mean, I could make a long list of things I want, but it would merely be an itemized laundry list without a sincere action plan.

Like, if I could just snap my fingers and have a black belt in Kung Fu, I would do it in an instant, because it would be such an awesome skill to have. But would I dedicate a minimum of 10 hours every week for the next 10-15 years to get it? Are you crazy, of course not!! I have better things to do.

Kung Fu in the street

So I guess I’m never going to be a skilled martial artist, hardly any surprise there. But…nevertheless, it’s a skill I want. Want being the key word here.

If we instead look at things we’re passionate about, the laundry list shrinks considerably and becomes a lot more managable. Passionate. I love that word. It means you have really strong feelings toward something. And this is where it gets interesting.

You see, the Kung Fu black belts of the world typically share one trait; the unwaivering interest and passion for the sport of Kung Fu, and the lifestyle that follows with it it. Period!

As I listened to an interview with virtuoso metal guitarist Yngwee Malmsteen a while ago, I couldn’t help but smile as he explained how he sometimes practised entire days (skipping school), even bringing the guitar with him to the toilet so he would not have to take a break from practice. That’s passion!

He wasn’t born with amazing skills, he simply practised an insane amount. And of course, the inevitable end result of that was insane skills. And why is this interesting ?

Because when something is interesting enough, you’re willing to dedicate the time it takes to aquire the skill needed. This is universal. And of course, not everyone takes it to extreme levels, but you know what I mean.

Whether or not you are successful is more or less up to you and your expectations , as success is relative and needs to be defined.

I mean, you could have crazy skills with a musical instrument, but not be a famous musician or have any records or other merits to your name. Does that mean you’re not successful? See what I mean, but let’s not get stuck semantics…Old man playing the accordion

So, do you honestly know what you’re passionate about? It’s a serious question. A lot of people I have met throughout the years struggle to form an educated opinion on their true desires. Seriously.

If you fall into that category, perhaps now is the time to have an honest conversation with yourself about what drives you absolutely wild, about the things that are truly irresistable, and get as clear about them as you can. And avoid the usual traps of what other people think or say. What do they know?

If you, however, are quite clear about your passions, that’s a totally different ball game. And it brings me back to the overtly cheezy headline of this article; You absolutely have what it takes.

Well, the simple truth is you do. No hocus pocus. The sheer drive to move things forward through a genuine and heartfelt interest in something will almost always give you success on some level. Any particular skills needed will be picked up along the way.

So let’s be very clear about one thing. You have every bit as much as resolve as the next person, so long as the goal in sight is desirable and clear enough. And when put into the context of entreprenuership, and you still ask yourself if you have what it takes, the answer is still yes. As long as your business is built around your interests and passions.

So what are you waiting for?


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