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There are basically two versions of working from home, the mediocre one and the excellent one, and we’re going to dive into both.

More and more people have the possibility to perform their work duties from the comfort of their own home these days. Most companies let you remotely connect to their servers from a company laptop, and voila, you’re good to go.

As great as this sounds (and yes there are many obvious advantages), there are some hidden downsides to this concept.

Typically you need to be available during the regular business hours, in order to make your Skype meetings and sphone calls etc, which actually takes away from the freedom you probably think of when you hear “work from home”.

Another thing that frequently annoys the crap out of the working-from-home-crowd is the ever present “connection problem”. It is not unusual for companies to provide some truly poor remote connection capabilities, making their employees spend far too much time screaming at their laptops while struggling with “lost connection to server” prompts. If putting your delicate patience to the ultimate test, in grand SEAL training style, isn’t your brand of fun, then maybe the commute to work is worth your while after all.

And as if these hurdles weren’t enough, you always have the actual comfort of your home, hanging over you like a temptation from hell. I’m talking of course about your TV, Netflix, Youtube, your fridge, or anything outdoors if the weather is good, basically all the comforts and goodies you typically don’t have in your open office space at work. Distractions that mercilessly impedes your efforts, and ultimately your entire output for the day.

Although not impossible, maintaining that discipline is more diffult than it sounds. Most of you (yeah, let’s be honest here) don’t always feel 100% commited to your job and/or your employer. Nothing to be ashamed of, it’s hardly unusual. Yes, this is of course a generalisation, and I know there are some people out there with absolute impeccable work ethics, but you know what I mean.

So, other than offering some flexibility when you have private appointments and engagements to attend to, or offering an alternative when you just feel a bit under the weather and don’t want to call in sick, aren’t there any more advantages to it?? Well, not really, unless you count the fact that you don’t have to commute. I mean, don’t get me wrong here, this is a pretty damn nice option to have at your disposal, but it just doesn’t provide that sense of total freedom that most of us want.


Well, if it’s total freedom you seek, the real laptop lifestyle so to speak, then I have a different suggestion. Become an online entrepreneur. Start your own online busisness and really create true work-from-home freedom.

If you’re completely in the dark as to how exactly this is accomplished, or which business models are available, don’t worry. Either click the link at bottom of the page or simply check out my other articles on this topic and become one of the enlightened ones.

All of a sudden the rules around working from home change, and they change fundamentally.

No more sticking to the “regular working hours”. Do work WHENEVER it suits you. Period. If you’re a night owl, go nuts. If you’re an early riser, that works too. Or maybe you wanna split up the day and plan work around your other activities, simply because you also have a life to live. And whenever you decide on a day off, that is totally a day of your choosing. Because you don’t feel creative, or you’re too tired, or you have something else planned. Sound better?

It should! Also, no more hooking up to someone else’s server. As long as you have an internet connection you’re good to go. Could be at home, in a cafe, in a hotel or a restaurant. You could even do some quality work offline. That is true freedom.




But here’s the best part, at least in my opinion, and it has of course to do with distractions and limited work output.

As an entrepreneur you will most definitely be 100% committed to whatever it is that you do, because that’s what you chose. You won’t be bothered with chores someone else asked you to do, only things that are meaningful to you. Spending time doing things that have meaning and purpose to you doesn’t feel like work, more like a hobby. A hobby that pays really well. Distractions, therefore, become a thing of the past. Or yet another way of putting it, if you do get distracted and decide on a longer break, it doesn’t effect the output to any greater extent.

And the added bonus is this: Once that business is up and running, freeing up more time for the things you truly enjoy will be easier than ever. Now, THAT’S real freedom!

Working from home under these circumstances is a true blessing, and would certainly change your life for the better. If you’re asking yourself right now where to begin, or how this can be a reality for you, just click the link below where you can read all about Six Figure Mentors and their excellent training programs, for all kinds of online business models. Seriously, what have you got to lose?

I’ve got absolutely nothing to lose!



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