Meditation: the way to successful living

If you live in the 21st century and have a reasonable amount of access to the internet, chances are, you’ve heard of meditation. The question then arises: what exactly is mediation and are the benefits of it actually real? The simplest answer I could give you is that meditation is the act of observing the balance between the mind and its thoughts. That may sound confusing and you may wonder why that’s even important, so let’s dive immediately into what meditation really is and how the benefits can dramatically improve your life, your relationships and your chances of future success forever.

What are the benefits of meditation

If you do a quick internet search of the benefits you recieve from meditating, you might be overwhelmed by the amount of promises that you’ll acquire super-powers, become rich overnight and stop balding right in its tracks! The truth is- meditation doesn’t grant you the ability to fly, but with consistent, daily execution, you’re sure to experience the life-changing benefits that meditation does provide, in as little as 14 days on average. (The benefits begin to show at different times for everyone). Here are some of the things you will start to experience after successfully meditating for 30 days consistently.

Reduced stress – you will experience an overall reduction in stress levels as you become more mindful. Situations that were a bother to you, before beginning your meditation journey, will become minor as you balance your thoughts and actions. This helps you to stay calm under pressure or in heated arguments, so that you can rationally address the situations you’re in.

Increased self-awareness – the better your mind and body align, the more you will be able to understand yourself and what changes you need to make to become the best version of yourself. The balance between your thoughts and your actions determine your success or failure towards your goals.

Focus longer – after meditating for an increased period of time, your attention span will begin to expand and you will be able to focus on single tasks for longer periods of time. This can help you increase your success rate of completing homework assignments, writing tasks or work for your company.

Improves quality of sleep – when you’re up late at night and you can’t seem to fall asleep, often times, it is due to what it is called, “run-away thoughts.” This is when your mind wanders with several random thoughts that keep you in a loop of searching for a never-ending conclusion. Mediation helps to relax your mind and body, and balance your thoughts to put you in calmer state that helps you to fall asleep and stay asleep longer.

Reduces anxiety – Studies have shown that after 8 weeks of meditating, it can result in reducing levels of anxiety; physically and mentally. Mindfulness meditation is best for this practice and will leave you feeling more calm and less anxious throughout your day as you learn to balance your emotions.

Helps with addiction – meditation increases your ability of self-control. This can dramatically help with recovering from addictions. If you are a guilty late-night snacker, meditating will help you to allow your cravings to come and go.

How does meditation increase my success?

Successful businessman doing thums up

With the rise of entrepreneurship in the past few decades, many business owners are finding success early on in their business and meditation is getting plenty of credit for it.

Even for the average working citizen, it is important to have a healthy mental state to balance the hard work carried out every day. When it comes to living a life of passion and hard work, it’s critical that you stay grounded and mindful to have success in your projects.

Meditation generally leads to better mental clarity, focus and a happier life. It’s best to be involved in work that you are passionate about if you want to achieve success and meditating will help you to become a more passionate person.

How do I meditate?

I know what you’re thinking; you don’t want to have to shave your head completely bald, wear baggy robes all day and sit criss-cross applesauce on the ground saying “omm” for an hour straight with your hands making the OK sign, while pointed in the upward position. I understand.

There are many different methods for meditating and they can all be used for different outcomes. Breath-awareness meditation helps to reduce stress, anxiety and promotes increased focus. Here are three popular types that you can try right now.

Breath-awareness meditation

To begin this type of meditation, you want to focus your attention on your breath while maintaining a balance between inhaling slowly and deeply, and exhaling. Keep your attention on the breath and allow the thoughts that enter your mind to pass. This helps keeps you grounded and emotionally secure.

Mindfulness meditation

Mindfulness meditation can be done anywhere. This is the practice of being aware of your surroundings, including sights, smells, sounds and your other senses. You may become impatient throughout your day while waiting in line or for an event to take place. This exercise helps in reducing your anxiety from your situations by allowing your mind to be present and to simply notice your feelings of impatience, rather than judging them.

You benefit by becoming more aware of your emotions and feelings, and how to balance them to help you be more proactive than reactive in your situations.

Body scan meditation

This is where you do a mental scan of your body to find and release tension. Start from the top of your head to the tips of your toes, relaxing each muscle. If you suffer from chronic pain or find yourself sore throughout the day, this meditation aids in soothing those pain areas.

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You can start enjoying the benefits of meditation today by getting started with mindfulness meditation and eventually experimenting with the other types. You won’t see life-changing results immediately, but you will begin to have more mental clarity and self-awareness within the first week. Remember to stay consistent, show up everyday, and you will be guaranteed to find success in meditating.

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