Why start an online business?

There are many reasons why people contemplate starting their own online business. Mostly it has to do with getting out of the rat race and freeing themselves from being micromanaged by someone else, and reaping the benefits of working from home and not having to commute anywhere.

It also typically entails generating an income to suit the lifestyle you seek, and building your business around the things that are more in line with your own interests, thus providing you with both purpose and fulfillment.

These are all good reasons. In fact they are GREAT reasons! Any amount of time you spend making those changes that ultimately lead to reaching your dreams is worth its weight in gold, and should absolutely be everyone’s priority. In fact, we could all probably come up with hundreds of reasons as to why we would like to become online entrepreneurs. There may be, however, one really good reason that doesn’t show on everyone’s radar…

Change is coming

There is a report from the Mckinsey Global Institute from november 2017 that states that 400-800 million individuls worldwide could be displaced by automation and need to find new jobs by 2030. Out of the total displaced, 75-375 million may need to switch occupational categories and learn new skills. Think about that for a moment. And please don’t panic.

The report doesn’t suggest that jobs will be forever lost, not at all, just that job opportunities will manifest in other areas. On a grand scale it’s more or less status quo, and history shows us as much looking back in time. These changes have happened many times before due to technical innovation and automation, and I’m sure you can find a very long list of jobs that have gone extinct since the early 1900’s.

It does mean however, that a lot of people will have to invest in new skills. The report’s findings suggest that, while there may be anough work to maintain full employment to 2030, the transitions will be very challenging, even exceeding the similar shifts we have seen in the past.

What is your plan?

Maybe you’re in a job category that isn’t going to be particularly affected. Or maybe you’re just a few years shy of your retirement. Or maybe this doesn’t bother you at all, and you see forced change as yet another one of life’s little adventures. Fantastic, then you have nothing to worry about. You’ll be just fine.

If not, then please take note (and comfort) of the following: As an online entrepreur you’re a lot less vulnerable to these changes, as you’re very likely to have built up several different income streams, and the skills to make money in the one place that never seems to shrink: The internet. And getting started only costs a fraction of what it would cost to start any other business, which means there is very little risk involved. Thats worth a thought for the budding, but risk-aware, entrepreneur.


Leaving the world of a “brick and mortar” business where you sell your time for money, and moving into the digital world could quite possibly be the best investment you’ll ever make. Not having to re-invent yourself over and over again when employers decide to downsize is probably something most of us would find both comforting and enjoyable. Would you agree?

If so, just click the link below to learn more.

Yes, I definitely want to know more.

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